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Kinds of Security Storm Shutters:

The Accordion is a durable shutter that moves horizontally between an upper and lower track.  Interlocking aluminum blades make up the protective wall of the shutter.  For larger areas it can have a center opening, so that half the shutter moves towards the left.  The accordion shutter provides protection against hurricanes, flying debris, theft and forced entry, reduces noise and provides privacy. 

Bahama Shutters provide privacy, sun control, weather protection and security. They are equally attractive for homes, apartments and businesses. They help reduce solar heat buildup over windows, porches, carports and other areas.  They also can be used to enclose terraces, patios and balconies.

Colonial Hinged Shutters are durable enough to withstand hurricane wind forces. When installed beside windows, they swing to close and can be locked to discourage unauthorized entry and vandalism.

The Roll Shutter rolls up or down over the opening, offering good protection against flying debris and hurricane force winds while guarding against theft and forced entry for security.  Energy efficient, they’re also great for noise reduction. They work well as handsome exterior window treatments that compliment any style of residence or place of business.

Storm Panels are formed aluminum panels that are designed for quick and easy installation. These lightweight panels provide maximum storm and security protection. The storm panel requires minimum storage space and can be stores in garage or closets until needed.


What are the chances that South Alabama will be hit by a hurricane?

– Over the past 110 years, the center of a hurricane has passed with 75 miles of Miami, on average, once every 3.5 years.  A major hurricane (category 3) or higher on the Saffir-Simpson) scale once every nine years, and category 4 or higher (Such as hurricane Andrew) once every 15uyears. These numbers may seem high, but the last 30 of the past 110 years have been a period of low hurricane activity in the Atlantic.  ***(This stat. needs new research because this information has changed.)


Should I tape my windows when a hurricane threatens?

– No, it is a waste of effort, time, and tape.  It offers little strength to the glass and NO protection against flying doors. After the storm passes you will spend many a hot summer afternoon trying to scrape the old, baked-on tape off your windows (assuming they weren’t shattered). Once a Hurricane Warning has been issued you would be better off spending your time putting up shutters over doors and windows.


Should I put shutters over my doors?

Obviously sliding glass, French doors or any door with considerable glass in it should be protected. Some double doors or garage doors should either be shuttered or reinforced. In hurricane Andrews many of these type doors gave way.


Why should I get hurricane shutters?

People who live in coastal counties from Texas to Maine, and those in other hurricane prone areas, such as most of the Florida peninsula, will find shutters an excellent investment for protecting their lives and property.  They protect against wind and wind-borne debris. These shutters protect not only the windows or doors they cover, but also possessions and people inside the building. Once a window or door has been breached by hurricane winds tremendous pressure is brought to bear on interior walls and upward pressure in the building’s roof. This can lead to roof failure which exposes the entire contents of the building to the storm. Shutters are a first line of defense against the hurricane. Much of the damage and building failure in Hurricane Andrew could have been prevented by well installed hurricane shutters over windows and doors.


Why should I bother with shutters if I live in an evacuation zone?

Shutters will protect your house and possessions from wind damage whether you are there or not. If the storm surge should reach your home then the shutters won’t protect against the flood of water. But not every place in the evacuation zone will flood. You should take every reasonable precaution to protect your property.


What are the best kind of shutters?

The best kind are those that are affordable, are easy to install and offer the greatest protection. Which of these properties is most important to you depends on individual circumstances.  For a disabled or elderly person it may be ease of installation with either an automatic closing mechanism or accordion type shutters.  For those with limited incomes plywood shutters may be the only affordable option.  For most people the best compromise would be steel panels, which offer the good protection, but are expensive and take effort to install. Aluminum panels are lighter and easier to install, but offer less protection and may not meet the building code for your area. Whichever type you decide on it is important to remember that shutters are only good as the equality of their installation. Ensure that the shutters or their anchors are installed by qualified workmen and that quality materials that meet the building code for your area are used.


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