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Fixed Panel Shutters

Locally Manufactured Outdoor Shutters, Storm Shutters, and Hurricane Shutters.

fixed-panel-shuttersThe Fixed Panel Shutters comes in Aluminum or Clear and offer easy to install protection against severe weather. The fixed Panels can be easily mounted, removed, and are stackable for easy storage in a garage or closet. Clear panels have the unique advantage of allowing clear views while giving you protection during storms, and you can even leave them up in anticipation of the next storm. Storm panels are formed aluminum panels that are designed for quick and easy installation. These lightweight panels provide maximum storm and security protection. The storm panel requires minimum storage space and can be stored in a garage or closet until needed.

Our Aluminum Panels provide an affordable way to make your windows and doors resist the impact of hurricane force winds and wind-driven objects. They can be easily mounted and removed and are stackable for easy storage when not in use.

The Fixed Panel Shutter in action!





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